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Vision Landscaping & Fencing is a reputable company with many years of professional experience. We specialise in landscaping, renovation, and maintenance / commercial services in Birmingham and West Midlands.

Since our establishment we have been working really hard to provide our customers with services which meet their requirements and needs. We are truly dedicated to providing you with high quality service. We know how to deliver an experience you will not regret!

Since we have spent many years in the field, we know how to work hard the old fashioned way but we also make use of the most advanced equipment to deliver the best experience.

What makes us stand out from the crowd is our extremely high standard of customer service and our strive to constantly improve every single aspect of our landscaping / renovation / commercial services. We are always ready to go the extra mile for our customers!

We assure you that our team is properly trained and dedicated to getting the job done in the most effective way. They have attention to detail and will turn your space into a stunningly beautiful garden, renovation or commercial space just in a matter of few hours or days.

Sustainability and development are two main ingredients to growth and the spread of a strong buisness, seeing germination take place is just like watching a buisness develop, it takes time, looking out for changes and developments from the seed when it is first sown to that first sign of growth, this is when the seed/buisness needs support along its journey to developing it into a strong plant/buisness. I have found that the key to keeping the sustainability of a strong buisness is being consistent in all you do and setting strong foundations for the growth that is set to stand on top.

  •  23/03/2022 10:34 PM

Development of your buisness is key to growth, improving the ergonomics in areas that need improving, and being able to recognise this is key, acting upon it and seeing the change is where results come from that keeping you striding on to the next challenge.

  •  12/03/2022 02:35 AM

Driving on through the pressures and challenges of running a business can be very rewarding in the sense of achievement, but also very stressful as you are always fully aware of the every day efforts that are required to keep giving your all and always being on top of your game. We are facing another new hurdle this month as our buisness develops on to another level, its important to be able to step back and see the progress we make as when we can see this it gives us the drive to press on to the next achievement.

  •  06/03/2022 12:21 PM

Another year with a new set of challenges to take control of and master, this shapes us a people, makes us who we are, I truly believe you can achieve what ever you set out to in life, perseverance is key,dedication is a must, and the passion to carry you through to the other side as a true champion. Sink or swim.

  •  16/02/2022 09:27 PM

A new year, and an opportunity to start with a blank canvass in the garden, time to create something spectacular, planning and preparation is key at the beginning, a starting block is all you need with a little imagination... Preparation + Imagination = Success Have ago and see if you can turn your Green space into a beautiful space.

  •  14/01/2021 12:27 PM

A year that has been set out to test all of your buisness skills and willingness to survive, I call it sink or swim, completing jobs in uncertain times, has been a real test, and as we approach for landing we can only breath a sigh of relief that we have made it to the end all in tact and looking forward to better times in 2021

  •  04/12/2020 09:09 PM

Chase your dreams, never give in.

  •  18/10/2020 08:03 PM


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